Golden State Warriors Favorites To Win The NBA

Golden State Warriors Favorites To Win The NBA

One week into the NBA playoffs, most first-round series remain in contention. Golden State Warriors Favorites To Win The NBA

But some teams are already beginning to emerge as favorites not only to reach the grand final but also to lift the champion trophy.

The Boston Celtics and Miami Heat have already earned their spot in the semifinal.


The Celtics swept a Nets that went through injuries, drama, vaccines, and play-in, which resulted in the team led by Kevin Durant and company being unable to battle Boston.


It’s the first time in over a decade that Kevin Durant has bowed out of the playoffs in the first round.


The Nets were overtaken by the Celtics, that have been the best team in the league since 2022. Durant himself recognized the superiority of his rivals.

“You have to give the Celtics credit. They are an amazing team and have a chance to do something big during this postseason. They played incredibly”, were Durant’s words at the press conference after game four, where the Bostonians beat the Nets 116-112.


For its part, the Miami Heat confirmed against the Atlanta Hawks why it was the best team in the Eastern Conference in the regular season.

Big favorites Golden State Warriors

Golden State Warriors Favorites To Win The NBA.

The team coached by Steve Kerr is playing their best basketball all season.


The recovery of Klay Thompson in the regular phase was vital for the San Francisco team to return to the top of the Western Conference.


The current Warriors look like the ones that dominated the NBA a few years ago. In fact, it seems that they have completely overcome the departure of Kevin Durant.


For many experts, the key to the Warriors’ success is Jordan Poole.


When he entered the NBA in 2019, few saw Poole as a player with much projection. Today the Warriors trust him so much that he has even taken the place of Stephen Curry.


Although everyone expected him to have a more prominent role in 2021-22, due to the injury absence of Klay Thompson for most of the season, no one thought that Poole’s explosion would become such.


He had the season of his life. He is a candidate to be the winner of the Most Improved Player award, with 18.5 points, 3.4 rebounds, 4.0 assists, and 44% shooting effectiveness.


His performance and ability on the court have made him the team’s No. 1 option on offense before the absences of Steph Curry and Klay Thompson.


Poole is already considered a third “Splash Brother,” something that speaks volumes about the impact the player has had on the Warriors.


The odds of the best bookmakers place the Warriors as the favorite to be the NBA champion.

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