California Approaches Legal Sports Betting With Two Proposals

California Approaches Legal Sports Betting With Two Proposals

California Approaches Legal Sports Betting With Two Proposals. Californians are excited that they could soon have sports betting.

Currently, two proposals will reach the ballot box, one related to mobile betting and the other pertaining to tribal casinos.

The state initially had four proposals, but a group made up of three Indian tribes failed to make their proposals qualify for the November Ballot.

The two proposals that did manage to pass consist of:

Retail sports betting limited to in-person bets at tribal casinos
Statewide online sports betting through partnerships between commercial operators and tribes

The Online Betting proposal

This proposal managed to gather enough voter signatures to be considered. 

With a population of 39 million, if this proposal is approved in November, it could generate significant wealth and benefits for the state. 

For example, 85% of the online betting tax dollars will be for homelessness and mental health support, while 15% would go to tribes not participating in the marketplace.

For Nathan Click, a spokesman for Californians for Solutions to Homelessness and Mental Health Support, this is the best thing that could happen to the state.

“This is the state’s No. 1 need, its greatest humanitarian challenge, and right now there is no permanent revenue source for housing and the services required to help elevator people out of homelessness,” Click said.


Preliminary estimates project that about $500 million in taxes can be collected each year. The proposal needs to exceed 50% in yes votes to pass and be approved.

This proposal gained the support of several California seniors and advocates for the homeless.

Tribes Against Online Gambling

While the online and mobile gambling proposal may bring significant benefits to the state, the tribes oppose it and have stated that they will do everything in their power to block the passage of the proposal.

“With this announcement, our coalition is fully focused on defeating the corporate online gambling measure and passing the Tribal In-Person Sports Wagering Act,” said Kathy Fairbanks a spokeswoman with the Coalition for Safe, Responsible Gaming.

 “We’ll be working with our broad coalition of Indian Tribes, social justice, public safety, business and community leaders to educate the voters about the benefits of our in-person measure and the dangers associated with the corporate online measure.”


As part of their campaign to block online gambling, the tribes released the results of a poll stating that 53% of voters oppose online gambling, saying they are concerned about the addiction problems it could create.

 For their part, online operators released a separate poll in which 59% of voters are in favor of online gambling.

There is still a long way to go until the November ballots, so it will be a bitter battle between the tribes and the operators to curry favor with the voters.

Data Verification Required

The campaign to support the online gambling proposal collected more than 1 million signatures needed to qualify for the ballot. However, California counties have until Friday to submit their raw totals to Secretary of State Shirley Weber.


And for his part, Weber has until June 30 to verify the data and make the qualification for the November ballot official. So the tribes are still hopeful that the data will not be accurate and the proposal will be disqualified.

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